Como dizer "vandalizar" ou "vândalos" em inglês

Olá pessoal,

Como dizer algo do tipo "alguns manifestantes vandalizaram a Paulista", ou "haviam alguns vândalos entre o grupo de manifestantes"?


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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

Vandalizar: vandalize
Vândalos: vandals

''The cemetery was vandalized during the night.''
"O cemitério foi vandalizado durante a noite.''

''They're vandals.''
''Eles são vândalos.''
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k ... anic.shtml

After scenes of vandalism and destruction that marked the first three protests, this time the violent reaction of MP stood out - and escalated the clashes.

The crackdown on protests reached journalists, including seven Folha reporters. The reporters Giuliana Vallone and Fabio Braga were hit in the face by rubber bullets shot by the Shock Troops of the Military Police. Giuliana, struck in the left eye, was rescued and taken to the hospital. ... -s-o-paulo
"Update: It appears that a Future Press Agency press photographer, Sergio Silva, was one of the journalists shot in the face and may now be blind."

Worth noticing that the journalists were on the opposite corner where the protesters gathered, so they were to see the cops behind their backs, sometimes seeing them by the flank, at large. All of sudden a cop turns sideways and (without a plausible reason) spray rubber bullets in their directions...all that is in the TV clips of the day!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Now the violence has come from the vandals. A minority of pseudo-protesters that got out hand of hand mainly in Rio, perhaps under the influence of alcohol or drugs, marched against the few police cops designed to secure the legislative assembly and vicinities. They assalted banks, cops, set fire and damaged public and state property.
That took place one kilometer or two from the peaceful protest that was at the end, so might have been an orchestrated thing.
With friends like the these... the protesters have their cause hurt!