Como dizer "voto de cabresto" em inglês

O voto de cabresto é um mecanismo de acesso aos cargos eletivos por meio da compra de votos com a utilização da máquina pública ou o abuso de poder econômico. É um mecanismo muito recorrente no interior do Brasil como característica do coronelismo.

Definição simplista:
Um voto onde o mandatário (aquele que detem o poder) é capaz de influenciar o eleitor, de modo autoritário, a votar em quem o "coronel" quiser.

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One expression in use is "herd vote"
Though maybe it doesn´t capture all the complexity of the facts behind the situation, the reality around it, it is the closest and accepted way to express that.

Herd vote - would whether it entail the lack of "critical skills" to vote, the "bargain vote" (immediate and self-serving interests involved) or plain "buying votes" (I exchange your vote for something else, generally a trade-off for you - but I know better - you have more to lose than I do).

The herd vote is thought not in terms of "individual vote" (even if sometimes you read something that would make you think so).
It´s thought in terms of "an arrangement" where the "bosses captured all the votes under their control".
There is, they would vote by influence of said bosses (coronelism - and by proxy farmers/bosses/landowners that "influenced" those underprivileged one way or the other.
Today, it´s said of the influence some group of voters of a region, institution joiners, what you have, that would vote for a candidate on an uncritical basis and similar influence.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
It´s a concept similar to that of workplace harassment, a kind of harassing behavior in which (in indirect ways or in not so indirect ones) it´s implicit that the "herd voter" need to vote for a candidate/politician he feels doing so is a prerequisite to his continued employment, social interaction with his circle, etc etc.
Summing up, it´s some form of imposition or arbitrary control, direct or indirectly, usually exerted upon inhabitants of an impoverished, underprivileged area. This way, some time ago, the status quo of some olygarchical power and families were maintained.
Some measures where put in place to change this reality, but the "herd vote" still have some niches elsewhere and the word is still used (is still in the political lingo as well).