Como eu junto as palavras com H no início?

Quando eu tenho o H no início das palavras e ele não é mudo eu posso juntar a palavras palavras e o H perde o som ?
Ex: na musica New Rules da Dua Lipa ela diz "Don't let him in" e juntou o "let" e o "him" como se não tivesse o som do H
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Indeed, in this special case she "run on" the "don´t let he in" in a special way (I mean, a slurring of sorts here with "he in" sung at the same time).
I think it´s because the h letter got a weak sound (to our untrained ears perhaps), not that the h it´s not there. So the ear has to get used to the way it's sung (like "hein" in the same breath - easier listened than explained, though).
And it´s not more a "heem" than a 'hein" run on (now I mean to Brazilian and Portuguese ears).

I think you can notice it better with the last kid in the following video (at 4'37"-4'38"). At least it´s what I hope, English sounds are tricky sometimes, and with music.
They use some effects to get it into the rhythm as well.

56190 6 43 1007
While at it, just for the fun, take Ariana Grande multitasking musical skills, along with her funny streak!