Como passar de um nível de tradução para outro ?

I putting my doubts here because I didn't find other session more specific.
Hi, I'm Mário. A week ago I finished my second book translation and now I perceived that I need deep my knowledge in translations.
I translated alone everything (sometimes with google help but not too much) and my normal english improve. After the first translation my english improve amazing (only to texts that before I thought that were difficult, not to my objective mainly). I used english-english and english-portuguese dictionaries (my teacher's idea). I noted some words to practise afterward and learned a few. But still not the enough to translate fluently and fast the books (in my case new moon and eclipse). That's the first part.
Nearly a year ago I entered in a english course (with the same Cultura Inglesa book) and the texts presented in the 3 begging books was very easy in comparison with the New Moon language. The translation part wasn't helping me to improve my translations but your listen part and sometimes the conversation part were better and I learned too much in this aspect.
And now I want improve with a online teacher or with a intensive course or with other thing but more targeted to improve first my translation (mainly with phrasal verbs and english expressions) and after the listen, speak and writer. Does anybody know something that can help me ? I think in the: but I don't know if I can trust in this site, if I'll make the right choice.

PS.: I don't so good making virtual friends then if somebody want talk with me, just to practise the writer. I'll waiting to send my msn or e-mail.

Thanks to listen me !!!
MENSAGEM PATROCINADA Para aprender mais sobre os Tempos Verbais baixe agora o: Guia Grátis de Tempos Verbais em Inglês. Ele contém um resumo bem estruturado para revisar os conceitos que você aprendeu na escola.

Clique aqui e saiba como baixar!
well, try to translate subtitles of sitcoms. people will thank you and i think its worth it ;)
Sitcoms (Situation comedies) are a good idea. I'll try. Thanks for your clue.