Correção de texto: Environmental Problems

Alguém poderia me ajudar com alguns possíveis erros no meu texto?

Humans and technology are evolving very fast, but we keep don’t giving a f*ck to our “house” and polluting it as we had two or three Earth’s. The question is that we are developing many technologies to make our everyday life easier, but without thought to the consequences our actions will take. The greenhouse effect and their effects on global warming are worsted by human’s actions, like cut many trees down, industrial waste and the increases of polluting gases. This make the increase of global temperature, polar defrosting and rising sea levels. We need to reduce our emission of atmospheric CO2 , use renewable sources of energy, replant trees, avoid wasting energy and reduce the expense of energy in our houses. Other problem that cause a lot of damage and is harmful to our environmental is the deforestation. It is responsible for the extinction of many species of plants and animals, the soil erosion and water pollution. Caused by the unstoppable need to use unrenewable sources to produce more energy to “feed” our technology. However, this do more harm than good, and in the long run we’ll notice how we’re being stupid in prioritizing the technology. Therefore, we need to be aware of our actions and change our opinions and ourselves while we still have time.

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Ricardo F. Bernardi 2 25 393
You should avoid bad words in formal texts. When you post something, you must remember there are other people reading it.
We, English Experts users, try always to improve ourselves professionally.

Here's the correction:

Humans and technology are evolving very fast, but we still do not care about our "home" and pollute it as we have two or three similar planets around. Many technologies are developed to make our lives easier, but the question is: have we ever thought about the consequences of our actions?

The greenhouse effect and their effects on global warming are affected by human actions like deforestation, industrial waste and the increase of pollutant gases, which takes to the global temperature increase, polar thaw and sea level rise.

We need to reduce CO2 gas emission, find renewable energy sources, replant more trees, avoid energy waste and, at the same time, reduce our home energy expenses. Another problem of environmental damages is the deforestation. Cutting many trees indiscriminately represents the extinction of many plants and animals, soil erosion and water pollution.

However, we mustn't forget that one problem is linked to another. There is an unstoppable necessity for unrenewable sources to produce more and more energy to supply the current technology devices. Getting involved at this stage does more harm than good since we are giving more priorities to hi-tech devices every day. Those who are unaware of that will realize it as time passes. But it might be too late if we do not change our opinions and take proper measures in time.
Thank you so much !
Ricardo F. Bernardi 2 25 393
You're welcome! :)