Correção de texto: Helping people

Hi, I would like to know if this text is correct?

I like to help people, if I can,most of people don't care about anyone or anything these days, I like to be different and I really like to help.
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I like to help people whenever I can. We are living in a selfish generation where most people don't care about the underprivileged and the ones in need.
No one cares or knows what's happening to others, because they're not in the shoes of the other...until they do!
I like to be different, to go against the grain, to give back and/or help others. That helps them and ourselves in the process.

I think differently, I like to give back and help others in need, it helps them and me in the process.

Aside note: the boldened parts could be used if you want it terser, more concise. I added some more ideas just in case.