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A train car exclusive for women starts to operate in Pernambuco. Every subway will have one car like that. Authorities say it will be a properly sinalized pink car, and the purpose of this is to ensure the safety of women. This service alredy exist in some Brazilian capital, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.They say there will be a fine of over R$1000,00 for men who enter this car. People have different opinions about this matter.

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Deixe-me ver se eu consigo ajudá-la!

Intended to be exclusive to women, a subway car started operating in Recife, Pernambuco, on 16 January 2016. Local authorities (officials) say every subway train will pull a properly identified pink car for women only. They hope this will ensure the safety of female passengers. This service already exists in some Brazilian capitals, such as... Authorities/officials will start fining male riders over R$1,000.00 for everytime they force entry into (or ride on) the car. People have different...

BTW I happen to live in Recife and sometimes I ride the subway up to the bus depot station and therefrom to Garanhuns by bus.
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Can no longer edit my post.

We might have started the text with a shorter form like "Intended exclusively for women..."
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"Intended to be exclusive to women, a subway car started operating in Recife..."
A woman-only passenger car is now being offered in Recife (OR "was recently implemented in Recife - by its Metro System).

One needs to exercise extra caution with beggining the narrative with indirect speech, in the above case it somehow could weaken the comprehension.
I am going to explain: I think that the reader could think that a "car" would operate in Recife, when the usual is a service being operated. But using the reported speech might have induced to the subsequent wording.

Yes, Marcio. I also miss the inter-state bus station of Recife (TIP), I took some rides from downtown Recife to that integration bus station in Curado neighbourhood. Not to mention that from said bus station I left once to know Vitoria de Santo Antao, but that was long long ago!