Correção do texto com frases que criei para meu aprendizado

Hi guys, As I am learning English, I make sentences with the words I have learned. But need correction, because I'm starting. How are random words the text does not have much connection. haha

I learn some sports as sumo, baseball, polo and some more. When I got my house, the door is close and I no have a key. Tell my mammy to come here open the door for me, but she can not come. But I haved hope what God would help me. Next my sister arrived the work and open the door. I enjoy and entered e eat the salad fish which was on the gas-stove. My sister stay boring whit me because I ate all lunch with ginger. I’m absolutely handsome and my complexion is very beautiful. But I don’t person what do bullyng with people defenceless and no leave down, I realy think this attitude dirty.

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I am learning some sports, such as: sumo, baseball, polo and others. When I arrived at my house, I noticed that its door was closed and I had not a key, then I asked my mammy to come here to open that for me, but she could not come.
I had hope that God would help me, so my sister arrived from work and opened it. I thanked her, entered and ate a fish salad which was in the gas stove. My sister stayed annoying me, because I ate all the lunch with ginger.
I am absolutely handsome and I have a very beautiful general complexion, but I am not a person who bullies defenseless people and puts them down. I really think this is a dirty attitude.