Diferença entre "Defend", "Protect" e "Shelter"

Umapessoanormal 245 5
Ontem eu tive uma ideia de perguntar se tem alguma diferença entre defend e protect
Só que quando eu vi o verbo to shelter com o significado de proteger, também quis perguntar sobre ele
Eu queria saber se tem alguma diferença entre dizer: To shelter somebody/something
To defend somebody/something
To protect somebody/something
Enfim tem alguma diferença entre protect, defend e shelter?
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Hi Umapessoanormal!

All these three verbs basically mean "to keep someone or something safe from injury, damage, or loss". However, we should focus on how they are collocated, that is, it's not only a matter of 'meaning', but how they are usually used so as the speach may sound natural and correct.
For example, you should say "He will defend his 1,500 meter title this weekend" (Cambridge Dictionary), but not "*He will protect/shelter his 1,500 meter title this weekend"; or "They produce a self-adhesive plastic cover designed to protect CDs from scratches" (op. Cit.), but not "*They produce a self-adhesive plastic cover designed to defend CDs from scratches".
The word "shelter" is commonly related to some physical protection, e.g., from a storm, an attack, so on and so forth. Even though, there's a register in which "shelter" appears with "savings/assets", meaning "to find a legal way to avoid paying taxes on it" (op. Cit.).
So, as we can see, it is fairly hard to try to enclose each verb in such a stactic frame. A good shot is to look whether that collocation does really exist, by using a good dictionary of collocations or even to google it.