Diferença entre "Fetch" e "Get"

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Qual seria a diferença entre "Fetch" e "Get"?
Qual seria a diferença entre dizer:
I'm going to fetch myself a glass of water
I'm going to get myself a glass of water
Em quais contextos cada um se encaixa?
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Hi, Umapessoanormal!

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, "to fetch" brings with it the meaning of "going to another place to get something or someone and bring it. Him, or her back", that is "to go, get, and bring back" (Free Dictionary). The same dictionary says that "to get" means "to go somewhere and bring back someone or something". Let's see some examples:

"Each time you leave your desk-for example, to get a cup of coffee, fetch a glass of water, or bring back lunch-it probably takes you 20 minutes to resume concentration on what you were doing."( forbes.com)

"Blake sat down with his grandmother briefly after he went in to get a glass of water." (ocregister.com)

It seems that both verbs are used as synonyms; however, bear in mind that "to get" is a verb that fits in more situations than "to fetch"; for example, we say "to get a cold" but not "*to fetch a cold".

That's it!