Formação do Passado em inglês

Hello everyone! My name is Adailton Abreu and I'm a business administration student at University of Pernambuco and my doubt is: Why do I need to use the verb has to form the past in English, mainly in this sentence?

ILOVEBRITONS has sent you a message on InterPals.

Why do use has before sent?

Other thing: in the same e-mail, It has the same sentence without the verb has. Look:

Hi Jose!

ILOVEBRITONS sent you a new message on InterPals. To read and reply, click here.

Please, this text is it correct?

Thank you a lot!
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Good question!
To talk about a past event that is recent you can use HAS, it focus on the recent past.

Let´s now anticipate your next likely question:
Why would "a message has sent..." be in a different sense of "a message was sent..." ?

Which would lead us to "ILOVEBRITONS sent you a new message on InterPals." (it could be possible such a thing, it would be grammatically correct, I mean.)

In "a message has sent..." it takes into account that the e-mail program is so quick that it sent you the e-mail and then it notifies that "it has just sent..." (of course, it´s programmed to do so, it doesn´t study grammar on the English Experts). ;-) ... s-has-been