Hang on x Hold on: Quando utilizar

Does anybody know which expression is more formal. What situations these expressions are more adequate?

"Hang on" and "Hold on".


Cesar Ribeiro

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Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
No more adequate does one phrasal sound than the other one does.

AFAIK you can interchangeably tell someone to hang on or hold on if you want them to wait or stop.

"Hang on a minute; they won't attack. Not yet."
"Hold on a minute; they won't attack..."

Someone will hang or hold onto something usually tightly as in the following example.

"The truck kept bouncing so much we had to hang on/hold on to save ourselves from getting thrown against the sides"

You will also hang on to, hold, grip, or keep tenaciously to an object or an idea.

*The child hung on to/held on to the lollipop for dear life"
"Swore he would hold on to the job until they fired him. They eventually did."
"A notion he wouldn't hang on to/hold on to long enough"