How Come X Why: Quando utilizar

Daniel.S 695 1 2 7
Know how to use both but just wondering if there's a specific rule for using them.

wanna take it a shot?

thanks for any inputs

Take care,

Teacher Pondé
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8 respostas
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Genildo schuina 20
"How come" differs from "why" in that the word order of the question is the same as that of a statement. Compare:

You didn't leave. (statement)
How come you didn't leave?
Why didn't you leave?

Donay Mendonça 60555 21 100 1466
Hi folks,

Have a look at the examples:

A)Why did you buy that?=How Come you bought that?

B)Why did you miss the movie?=How come you missed the movie?

Good luck! ;)

Daniel.S 695 1 2 7
all righ guys but what I can't still find is about grammar..


thanks for your time,

Teacher Pondé

Donay Mendonça 60555 21 100 1466
Hi Teacher Pondé,

Sorry,what did say again?

maoliveira75 20
According to Macmillan Dictionary, 'HOW COME' should be used in spoken language. So, I guess this can be one difference in the use between HOW COME and WHY. But I want to make a deeper research about this and I hope I can add something else here.

Donay Mendonça 60555 21 100 1466
It seems to me that you don´t need did when you use how come.


timphillips 610 9
Hi guys,

I think Donay got the grammar point right in the first reply. (The need for 'did' is a consequnce of that)
And Maoliveira75 is right about the spoken language `rule`

Tim :D

Donay Mendonça 60555 21 100 1466
Hi Tim,

Thank you!

God Bless you!


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