Lead x Make: Qual é a diferença?

Umina 1
For exemple:
You led me to believe that she died.
You made me believe that she died.

I was led to believe that you liked me.
They made me believe that you liked me.

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2 respostas
Redseahorse 4 38 596
Eu entendo que não há diferenças entre as palavras, posto que ambas convergem para a ideia de INDUZIR, CAUSAR, ESTIMULAR, FAZER...
PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
From the sentences Umina came up with, the ones with "lead" could be about something 'unintentional' whereas with "made" it could be something involving manipulation or deceit. It's not a rule set in stone, though.
"Lead" could also denote that the person was saying something that was "'making me believe she died" (whoever is she in the story :D ) in a temporary basis. But as I listened more I "recalculated" that route...

And, of course, it could be also interchangeable in the sense RedSeahorse has pointed out. It goes with the general context.