To lead down - Tradução em português

Gostaria de saber o que significa "to lead down" uma vez que não encontrei em nenhum dos mais importante dicionários da língua inglesa, na seguinte frase
"A voice in your head that leads you down the right path"

Thanks in advance for everyone who answer

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Thomas 7 60 288
...que te leva

The word "down" has no translation, nor does it have any use in English. In the sentence "doen the right path", it can be changed to "up" with no loss of meaning. Don't try to understand it. Accept it as an illogical idiom and use it in your conversations in English.
Thomas 7 60 288
Sometimes "down" and "up" do convey meaning, but it is subtle and rarely required.

The trail leads down to the lake. (Why "down"? Because the lake is lower than the point where one would begin the trail. Is "up" possible? Yes, but the implication is that you must climb to reach the lake, that the lake is higher along the trail than you are. The trail leads down to the lake. = The trail leads up to the lake. = The trail leads to the lake.)

Everything he has done had led up to this moment. ("Up" is not required and adds nothing to the sentence, but it sounds nice. "Down" could replace "up", but "up" would be more common.)
Thanks a lot Thomas, I love your explanations
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