Música: ''...makes a rolling...''

Anelizia Ferreira
A música diz:

I'm pourin' out the coffee
I'm your maid
And my baby makes a rolling
He past me
As I listen to the birdsong
And the sweet fresh morning
Don't think about the monday, baby

Qual seria a melhor tradução para esse trecho: "And my baby makes a rolling, he past me"? Espero que alguém possa me ajudar, porque já não consigo pensar.
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1 resposta

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My understanding of this verse is:

"And my baby makes a rollie
He pass to me"
"E o meu querido enrola um cigarro
Ele passa prá mim

I found many sites with different versions of the verse above, but after reading Joss Stone's official page, my interpretation makes reasonable sense:
"I wrote this while driving around Europe with my doggies and a man who loved me at the time as I loved him back. This song was about our beautiful stress free days we rarely had. A day where you look up to the sky and decide the sun is shinning just enough to spend the spare hours we had, out side with our bare feet in the grass. Those days have passed but the feeling remains very much alive captured in this song. xx Joss "

Note: For many smokers, a rollie goes well with the first cup of coffee of the day.