Palavras que enganam no inglês



alms: esmola
appointment: encontro, consulta
bond: laço, vínculo
exit: saída
large: grande
library: biblioteca


almas: souls
apontamento: note
bonde: streetcar
êxito: success
largo: wide
livraria: bookstore

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10 respostas
Hello guys,

sensible: sentato
sensitive: sensível

sympathetic: solidário
nice: simpático

to pretend: fingir
to intend: pretender
Judy Friedkin 2 23
I don't know what bonde is in Portuguese, if it is a modern wold. Streetcar for me is a very nice word, maybe because I love the play Streetcar Named Desire. However we do not have streetcars, at least in the US. anymore. It is a word from maybe the 1940's. We have a few trolleys, I think called trams in England but they are a dying breed also. We really just have buses.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Friedkin, is interesting to learn that.
In Brazil we have streetcars in Rio, it serves to Santa Tereza neighbourhoud to take people to Rio´s center (the main business district) and vice-versa. It attracts tourists, artists and musicians as well. Since Santa Tereza is a, they say, bohemian and romantic area. With an almost untouched air of another century, I mean, some architecture of old. ... cles/76502

In Recife they used Trolleybus, but people don´t use this English name, they call it "bonde" as well. I mean, it pass (or passed until circa 2000) on some streets, including some commercial center streets. ... 0651543230

Can´t say if it is already in use, Marcio please, could you confirm that?

From that time they coined the idiomatic expression "perder o bonde" (miss one opportunity in life, or be late to something and come to the bus stop/airport etc just when the bus/plane left/departed...)
Judy Friedkin 2 23
Oh, then a streetcar here is called a trolley. In Philadelphia we have a few trolley lines, but most are gone. I don't think they have any in New York or other big cities I have gone to. When I was little they were common, but "streetcar" has not been used for many years as I said. I saw the picture you sent. Thank you. Now that I think of it, I think they are common in San Francisco and also I believe I rode one when in New Orleans. Here we have buses and subways. We do not call it a metro. In London, I know they call it the Underground. In New York I think they say train more than subway. You get a certain "train" going uptown or downtown.
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
A nice article about street car x cable cars, from the most beautiful city in the world:

btw, "San Francisco has the world's most diverse collection of streetcars in regular transit service, and many are quite unique and different looking."
Henry Cunha 3 18 183
For a list of active streetcar, tram, and light rail systems in North America, see ... th_America.

Toronto, uniquely, never gave up on the streetcar, and has a beautiful and efficient system running through large sections of downtown.

And some American cities have reintroduced light rail. Baltimore, surprisingly, since I lived there in the 60s, now has a rather extended system.
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
PPAULO escreveu:Can´t say if it is already in use, Marcio please, could you confirm that?
Não, não posso, PP. Embora faça 37 anos que more em Pernambuco, não tenho ouvido o termo por aqui.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
I personnaly, have seen it in the "Old Recife" streets, I happened to see the tram/trolley (bonde) by chance. This happened long time ago. The last time I got in Recife was in haste (it was in 2012), had not time to roam those streets. Since I had to take my wife to undergo a battery of medical tests for cancer detection.
Anyway, we went to the São Jose Market and bought some handcraft work and ate lunch there, next we got to Cultura bookshop and then we got back to the
road, we were worried but we made the most of the trip.
Judy Friedkin 2 23
Hope she is ok. I just went through a year of treatment and I am smiling again!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
She is, thanks for asking. Indeed she have a million of friends out there, in the church, hospital, in our building and everywhere.
It was a busy year with surgery, chemo, radio treatment and all, we are slowing the pace now, a tad. You know, with teens under our roof, we have surprises all the time! But I am used to bumpy roads, kinda. ;)