"Past perfect continuous" é usado no inglês falado?

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Hi there!
This is my first time here, so I want to say hello to everybody before posting my question.
I have a doubt: Is the past perfect continuous often used in spoken English? Is it necessary to be known in case it becomes part of a test for a job? Is it likely to appear in a test?
Look forward to an answer.
Thank you a lot.

My regards

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The past perfect continuous can be important for you to be able to speak English well.But you don´t have to learn it from the beginning,you can wait until you´ve learned the basic verb tenses.Yes,it is likely to be on a test,and you might need to use it in a job interview,for example.Here is a link where you´ll be able to study it:

http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/pas ... nuous.html

Welcome to the EE forum!

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Many thanks, Donay, for your help and also for the link you sent me. :D