Please reply to my posts.

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To all Members who use the forum "Perguntas e Respostas em Ingles",

I am Bill Slayman, a native American English speaker and I enjoy trying to help the members of EE improve their English skills, by offering suggestions, most often by rewriting posts. In order to know if I am helping you I need and appreciate feedback.

Therefore if you want my opinions, suggestions and help please reply to my suggestions. In your reply PLEASE let me know if you understand why I made the suggestions or changes, and if you think I made a mistake PLEASE let me know that also, then we can discuss the issue and arrive at the correct answer. This is especially important because if I make an error that goes uncorrected then other members of EE may assume that since I am an American I must be correct, which will then perpetuate that error in the members usage of English.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in EE and the forums. :D

Thank you so much for your help, we need a native American English speaker here in the forum, you can help us a lot.

Large hugs.
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