Significado de "Bully for you"

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O que significa "Bully for you"?
Eu aprendi que Bully for you seria equivalente a good for you, mas eu não sei se Bully for you se aplica em todas as situações que good for you se aplica.
Eu vi no urban dictionary que pode ser usada num sentido irônico, e eu queria saber como usa-la nesse sentido.
Enfim, alguém pode me dar exemplos de Bully for you?

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In the title of the book "Bully for you, Ted Roosevelt." it meant "Kudos for you Ted Roosevelt" (congrats on your achievements/you rocks Ted) a biographical book of sorts written by Jean Fritz, she wrote it in a way to be read by 4th/5th graders (and she took a liking for biographing people in their young), so in a more colourful and juvenile language.

Perhaps the actual irony of that is that 'bully' is today a negative ring to it. At the time of Rooselvelt it was a current expression "bully for you", so at the end of the said book the author 'rescues' that expression in such sense.
With "Bully for you Mr. President." the author means what it meant (precisely at that time), something like "go, Mr. President./that's awesome Mr. President!" (used to show admiration and/or approval).
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