Significado de "Takes the cake"

Dear readers,

I read an article regarding food combinations for parties and stuff, however, the writer was saying about some cookers and cheffs who elaborate some dishes that really take the cake. Something that takes the cake apparently is something that is strange, shocking, absurd, right? But it is only used when referring to food?


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Gabi 1 1 15
Hi there

You might want to have a look at this :

According to the dictionary it can be used in other occasions and it's used for something that is a disaster, rubbish , the worst thing you could imagine. :o


Thank you, I guess I got it perfectly.

It is like: I've heard some pretty dumb ideas, but that takes the cake!
Eu ouvi algumas idéias meio estúpidas, mas essa foi a pior/mas essa superou/mas essa foi o cúmulo!

Interesting, isn't it?

Gabi 1 1 15
Yes, quite interesting. I didn't know that before!

Another expression with the same meaning is "to take the biscuit".
It means it is the best of or the worst of all with any subject.

Example using the best - I have seen a lot of great movies but this movie takes the cake! (Este filme está o melhor eu já vi)
Example using the worst - I have seen a lot of bad movies but this one takes the cake! (Este filme está o pior que eu já vi)
Thomas 7 60 290
The idea behind the saying/expression is that a cake is given as a prize, and you are saying that what Jack did, what Helen said, the new change in the office, etc. has won a prize...a cake. Pay attention to the context because the meaning can be very positive or very negative. It is often used with sarcasm.