So that x So as to: Qual utilizar

Hey, it's my first question here. I'd like to know how I can use so that and so as to. I was doing some exercises and then appeared a question that left me with a doubt:

He turned the stereo down very low _ he shouldn’t disturb the old lady downstairs.
A) so as to
B) in order to
C) nevertheless
D) even if
E) so that

Answer key:
What could I use in this case? I also will ask why couldn't I use in order to?
Please if I made any mistake in this topic/text let me know.
Thanks in advance!

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Leonardo96 17 261
It seems to me like there was a mistake in the making of this question/exercise and "shouldn't" should be replaced by "wouldn't". None of the answers makes any sense with "shouldn't". With that being said, option "E" is the correct one: He turned the stereo very low so that he wouldn't disturb the old lady downstairs

"I also will ask why couldn't I use in order to?"

Well, the "to" says it all, doesn't it? You can't because it's only used when there's a verb following it:

You need to eat healthy in order to live a long life.

It's pretty much the same reason why "so as to" is not the correct answer to your question.