Some must-have English grammar bks...for intermediate level.

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Oxford English Grammar Course (Intermediate - with answer, CD, the whole Lasagna...)
By Michael Swan/Catherine Walter.

The Richmond Simplified Grammar of English.
By Amos/Prescher
It comes with a CD with complementary tests, the book doesn´t have key answers, what is good for a challenge. Even because, challenging oneself is a method of learning, believe me. It brings some introductory grammar contents and go straight to the exercises.
The exercises themselves, comes with some novelties such "make the following sentences into future continuous" or a sentence being negative and you having to make it a question, then the following being a question and you have to make it negative, etc.
It comes with tests with the "choose that sentences that are wrong (and in among them it has some correct ones) and correct them.
I think it may come in handy to some entrance exams, ITA, IME, etc.
Richmond Press.

English Grammar in Use - a self-study reference and practice book for intermediate learners of English.
Raymond Murphy -(Cambridge Press)

Gramática Inglesa sem Mistério (traduzido para o português)
By Phylis Dutwin
-Alta Books

Just for information. I am not in anyone´s payroll. :lol:
And the books are designed for intermediate learners, just saying!
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