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Simon Vasconcelos 7 89
The model for this is Fergie, expelled from the family upon her divorce. Now she is free to live the life of an international Real Housewife, without any fear of a royal backlash. Who cares whether she parties in Ibiza, gets arrested in Turkey or goes bankrupt in London? She's a D-list celebrity private citizen.
No fear of her showing up at royal weddings or getting blasted at jubilee celebrations. If she cadges a lift from her daughters to grab free seats at a concert or sporting event – so what? She's no longer official.
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Henry Cunha 3 16 182
get blasted = get drunk
cadge a lift = get a free ride, bum a ride
Carls 2 75
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to cadge (from ou off) = ( dinheiro, cigarro, etc) cravar (a) (Pt), filar (de) (Br)
to cadge a lift = pedir uma carona/boleia
to get blasted = (bebida) embebedar-se; (droga) pedrar-se