Tradução de "must-have"

Dan. M. 45 1
What means the expresion "must-have" in the sentence:
"36 must-have tracks for every trance fan!"
So, thank you to all you learning buddies!
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Thomas 14770 7 59 288
If something is a "must-have", it is something that is considered very important, essential, etc. Often the object is very specific such as brandname, a certain type of tool, a special edition of a book, a classic DVD, etc.

If you are a backpacker, a good compass is a must-have.
The simple scout-knife (one blade, bottle-opener/screwdriver, can-=opener, and leather awl) is a must-have piece of equipment.
Lipstick and perfume are must-have items for every woman's purse.
To drive in Sampa, a good map is a must-have.
For every collector of Brazilian films, two must-haves are Central Station and Black Orpheus.
Dan. M. 45 1
Perfectly understandable, Thomas. Thank for your tips.