Pain in the neck - Tradução em português

In the episode 6 (The Flatmates), what's the translation for the sentence below?

Urgh! You really are a pain in the neck sometimes Tim!


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Você às vezes é insuportável Tim!
Você às vezes é chato Tim!
Você às vezes é um pé no ****...Tim!
Você às vezes é boçal Tim!
Você às vezes é um sacana Tim!

E outros "insultos" que podem ser sério, ou até pode ser em tom de brincadeira, dependendo da situação.
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I found more on the subject. Here you go: Como dizer "Pé no saco" em inglês
Joguei no Tradutor e veio "dor no pescoço" KKK
Essa o Google errou feio, e vejo que melhorou bastante de uns tempos pra cá
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Victor, I am not in Google´s payroll but I have learned some things about translation that you might find curious.
From long ago I have learned that dictionaries, the ones that you buy and install in your computer were not that good because they translated into some "worth" language.
Say, you put something in English and it translated into Italian and vice-versa, it would do great. I mentioned Italian and Spanish, but it could be German, etc.
Now you want Portuguese, then it would go to (problably, if my source is right) Spanish translation, then to Italian, then to English. Something like that.

Okay, knowing that (or with that in mind) I translated this chunk of text:
“Any time I leave after 4:30 and before 5 O’clock in the afternoon it’s a real pain in the neck to get home because of the traffic”.
As expected, and as you had let us know pain in the neck came back as "dor no pescoço" (I am not going to put the translation sloppy it got.)

I just adjusted the language to Spanish, and voilá!
"Cada vez que salgo después de las 4:30 y antes de las 5 de la tarde es un verdadero dolor de cabeza llegar a casa debido al tráfico".

As you see, the same Google comes with a sleek performance in Spanish. I am not going discuss the specifics of Brazilian as a user of search engines, it would go far. But now you know that you have another option!

Ha, many will say "but I don´t know Spanish" (or other language, for that matter), well you don´t need it, you can "copy-paste" what comes in Spanish and translate into Portuguese.
It comes as a bit of a "handful", more workload to the learner, but that is like it is. At least for the time being.
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Sorry for the "worth" thing, it wasn´t judgemental.
What I meant is that there are countries of which the cost-benefit ratio is analyzed and they don´t find it that profitable.
It seems like that, and it is something that I have learned as well (from some conversations with friends).
Once, I was at odds with Calculus and then I bought that Munen/Foulis Cálculo 1 book. I saw that there were 12 translators to the book listed
Then someone told me that it was some engineer guys from ITA that without a book in Portuguese (and in need of doing the Maths) they themselves took the job of translating it to study. After that, they had contacted the authors, the book wasn´t in the interest of the publisher, not much profit.
Then they made a deal with the authors to sell that translation, with the author trademark rights and selling.
I was told that the publisher isn´t interested in the selling (and translation) to this day. By the way, there are lots of "university-grade" books that are from American or Spanish authors if you ask me! Brazilian authors aren´t that scarce at high-school grade, though.