Pride goeth before a fall - Tradução em português

Olá, qual seria o significado de pride goeth before a fall, parece ser um ditado mas não achei o verdadeiro significado em português...

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It´s OLD English.
It would be Pride goes before the/a fall
(In fact, it´s a proverb taken from the Bible and will take one of the words THE/A depending of the Bible version - KJV or New American Standard.)

As an idiom it means "If you are too proud and overconfident, you will make mistakes leading to your defeat."
Source: ... ore+a+fall

That is, when you think you are strong you are weak, and vice versa.
No man is an Island, so when you think about pride as an arrogant trait and it makes you have a too high opinion of yourself, chances are you ruin your chances of winning friends and people beggin to pull the rug from under your feet. Whereas, if you think of pride as self-dignity, you certainly are in the right path.