Tradução de: "Scares the life out of me"

What is the meaning of "Scares the life out of me"?

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Avatar do usuário zumstein 9675 1 20 293
Pregar, dar um susto.

You scared the life out of me.
- Você me pregou um baita susto.

Scare/frighten the life out of sb
To frighten someone very much.
Avatar do usuário jorgeluiz 4415 1 6 89
you scared the life out of me = morri de medo.

Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41975 6 33 737
Yes, it means "it makes me feel extremely frightened/it frightens me very badly.

They also use "it scares the pants off me/scares the hell out of me/scares the sh*t out of me".

notice: scares the sh*t outta me/hell outta me... may (or may not) be deemed as slightly offensive and sometimes slightly dIsrespecful by some people. Using the (first option) " outta me" you can´t go wrong!
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41975 6 33 737
And Jorge, I am on the same page with you on this one, in addition to it, for emphasis, I would add some more drama to it:

Eu quase morri de medo (quase me borrei de medo/quase borrei as calças)!

That takes a scare to new heights! ha ha! :shock: