Tradução de "Stay over it"

Há dias dias estou procurando a tradução desse phrasal verb "stay over it", tenho visto alguns nativos da língua inglesa utilizando no instagram e fiquei curiosa a respeito, pois o significado que encontrei para tal expressão foi: dormir longe de casa, algo assim. Vou dar um exemplo: -"Thanks for the mental time Brazil." Until next time, stay over it. Outra: -Sickest day in Brazil today e outra pessoa comentou assim: -"Stay over it boys". Afinal, o que quer dizer stay over it?
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macmillandictionary: to sleep in someone's house as a guest for one night
It's getting late; do you want to stay over?

In this case "stay over it" could also mean "ficar sobre ele" knowing that there's "it" in this phrasal verb. In these situations Brazil is having problems related to corruptation and politicians in general so people are saying good things and expecting us to get better soon.
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Stay over it.

Step 1: STAY (meaning "stay'' itself, that is "continue on".)
step2: OVER (meaning "longer, until a time later"
step 3: IT (you could just not translate into anything at all, they use IT sometimes just because a sentence can´t be left without a subject - "não há oração sem sujeito")

step 4: Okay you can also translate IT into "it" the chat, the Forum, etc.
longer or till a time later: please stay over

As you see, the step # 3 and #4 wouldn´t change much. Apart from fact that you can translate it into.

step 3: "continue"
(pode continuar/ficarpor mais tempo..., pois vou vazar/rapar fora, chegou minha hora, fui.)

step 4: continue "OVER IT"
(pode continuar por mais tempo NO SITE/FORUM etc...
(...pois eu já vou, tchau, ciao, au revoir, tchuss, auf wiedersehen, adiós, adieu.

Em #3 stay over it. (IT - neutro sem tradução)
Em #4 stay over IT. (IT - Significando no site/Forum/Zapzap... :lol: )

Well, in pratical terms there´s no change in the sense, and little or no change of meaning.