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"This tells you everything you need to know about the Tories' priorities. At a time when millions of families are struggling to get by, it's the Tories' friends in the City who get the rewards."
The award of honours for community service has been common for many years, but it is highly unusual for them to be tied so overtly to a political agenda.
Three recipients brought along to tell their stories at a briefing in the Cabinet Office expressed surprise that their work had anything to do with government policy. "There are absolutely no political implications to what I do," said Joy Philippou from Bromley, south London, who has been awarded an MBE at the age of 83 after spending decades helping young people to move away from crime and gang culture, motivated by her religious faith. "I started doing this long before that."

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''Three recipients brought along...''
''Três ganhadores trazidos juntos...''