Were you born in a barn - Tradução em português

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If someone leaves a door open that should be kept shut, it's common in English to ask "Were you born in a barn?" Sometimes the same expression is used to mean "You are a messy, disorganized, sloppy person." It's a mild insult, a humorous way to remind someone to close the door behind them.

When I was a kid, my parents often asked where I had been born. Didn't they know?

In cold weather, if someone opens a door or window and lest the cold wind come in, you may hear "Put a board in the hole!" Again, it's a mild insult, a reminder that people are getting cold.

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Hehe.. very nice xD Thanks for sharing!
Donay Mendonça 23 108 1.6k

Very good tip!Thank you for the information.

Hi Thomas,

There is something seem in my city because mosquitoes can enter : quando deixa a porta aberta para entrar mosquitos " esqueceu do rab..."

Thomas 7 61 291
Marco, in Spanish you hear "Cola larga" (rabo longo). Very common.