Transcrição de Video Resident Evil

HI!I was listening to the following video but i could not undestand the final part.

- Somehow,I always mannaged to come through,not this time.Right,I messed up.

- You think you will get away with this?

- I already have,Gil.

- Did you?Do you have it?

- Maybe.You will have to kill me to find out.

- No more what you do if you find it.It doesn't matter because you're all ready.

I couldn't understand this last part,could somebody help me?I'm sure i did not write it correctly.
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Avatar do usuário dlr 75
Now what would you do if you found it? It doesn't matter... because you're already (perhaps 'all ready'?)

it's hard to say what this clip is about because large, important pieces of information are intentionally omitted. What will he get away with? What does he have/is she looking for? I'm guessing when you play the game you find out what they are talking about.

Thank you very much.It's really nice to understand something that you listen to 100%.It gives you more confidence.