What is the differente between "fix" and "repair"?

How to use each of them?

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Donay Mendonça 22 106 1.6k
Fix é a opção mais geral e mais comum em linguagem coloquial. Fix possui outros significados que repair não possui.

Do Wordreference - USA:
Fix is the most general and should work anywhere. If in doubt, use fix.
Fix has lots of alternate meanings. One of them is "castrate". This is used with animals. For example, "He had his cat fixed the day he found 12 baby kittens scurrying across his kitchen counter". Fix also has the alternate meaning "attach" or "secure". This is used with things. For example, "He fixed the poles into the wet cement". Fix also has the alternate meaning "influence" or "control". This is used with people and events. For example, "The boxing match was fixed; the loser was bribed with $600,000".
Fix also has many more alternate meanings that I haven't listed. Mend and repair do not have such alternate meanings.
Bons estudos.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
For example, you would often fix a coffee (fazer um café) and not repair it. :-)
On the other hand "you would get your bike repaired" or "fixed".
But then, you could it fixed (attached/locked to a lamppost), but never repaired it to...

See? It´s a broad question and it would take awhile to cover all meanings. A good way to get the hang of it, is to look up the word in a dictionary and also see it in a sentence. The sites Linguee/Bab.la/Reverso/Wordreference has tons of sentences with words at play.

One more way, is to take a Portuguese-English dictionary and see the word entry - in Portuguese - you would like to learn about.
English is like this, we do some heavy lift and our English muscles (skill muscles, I mean) grow strong. ;-)
If you keep puzzled by some definition, some special difficulty, you can always come to the English Experts, a go-to place when some special difficulty comes up.