When we have more than one adjective of the same type before

When we have more than one adjective of the same type before the noun, how do we
Choose the adjective order?
by using the shortest word first
by using the biggest word first
by choosing a certain style
by arranging at random
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By choosing a certain style, I guess?


It was a normal strange book.
It was a strange normal book
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 39195 6 32 684
In adjective order, "opinions" come before "descriptions".

So, in the sentence
It was a normal strange book

Sounds okay to me, it "normal" would be your opinion and strange a description of it.

Of course, the sentence could be made into "It was a normal and strange book" or "It was a normal and yet a strange book", but then the emphasis on "your opinion" vs "description" would be lost.
Both would be just equal characteristics of the book.

Another way to see this one, is that "normal" is the most innate, fundamental quality of the book.

As for the second sentence, I would hazard the guess that "It was a strangely normal book" would be a better wording. Sounds like the book was normal, even if one wouldn´t expect it to be.
To have the same effect as the previous example, one would say "it was an strange, and/but at the same time, normal book."

Others may disagree, or polish the answer more.