Last Saturday I took the TOEFL and, at least in the writing part, I'm quite confident.
Studying the writing part was difficult for me since I wasn't used to write in English - to be honest, I think the first essay I sent here was also the first of my life. I'm still making basic mistakes (in exactly this sentence I'm not sure about then grammar :lol: ), but I may say without thinking twice that I have improved my English more in this last month than in the all rest of my life (I hope this phrase makes sense). How? With the help from the users of the English Experts forum.

Well, if I get a good score, I think I'll have good chances of going abroad next yeat, so I'm really happy and relieved. Now I plan to get excellent grades in this quarter in order to be able to choose a high ranked university. I intend to keep writing here too.

Thanks especially to user PPAULO user!

See you.
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Hi André,

Good luck and thank you for the feedback.