Arc x arch: Qual a diferença

Sei que ambos significam arco mas acredito que deva ter alguma diferença entres eles !
Thanks in adavance !
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Arc vs Arch
An arc is a curved shape or the curving path of a moving object. In mathematics, an arc is part of a circle’s circumference. An arc is also a sparking discharge conducted from one electrode to another. The verb forms of arc are arcs, arced and arcing. Arcked and arcking are technically correct forms, but rarely used. Arc comes from the Old French arc meaning bowed or curved.

An arch is a curved structure that spans an opening and usually supports a bridge or roof. An arch may also be a decorative feature. Arch may describe many parts of the human body, such as the arch of the foot. Arch may also be used as a verb, arches, arched and arching are verb forms. Arch comes form the Old French arche, which means bow or arc.

Vou explicar conforme entendo, "arc" tem a haver com a geometria, com a parte de um círculo. "Arch" remete à estrutura, como na arquitetura.

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