Can I use Present Perfect in this situation?

Can I use Present Perfect in the following conversation? If I can't, why?

A- I know that she doesn't like him.
B- Hey, you don't need to use the word "that" in that sentence.
C- Yes, I know, but I HAVE CHOSEN to use.
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A- No, "like" is an emotion verb (non-continuous a.k.a. Estative/non-progressive verbs).
B- Ditto, because "need" is an abstract verb.
C- Also no, because "have chosen" is a completed action.

One way to find if we can use Present Perfect is to find a "helper" verb (modals, for example) that comes with the main verb to indicate that verb tense. Plus one of the structures
have has present perfect tense
had past perfect tense
Will have future perfect tense

As an example:
The boys should (modal tense helper)+ have been (modal verb) giving (main verb) help.

Ah, with the verb 'have" and TO BE before the main verb:
I have been singing/he has been singing.

You can read more about the topic by searching stative/non-progressive/non-continuous verbs.
Thank you so much PPAULO, I'm sorry but all three sentences were meant to be a conversation, I should've put A on the third sentence because it's the same person as the first one, could you please reavaliate all three sentences as a conversation between two people and tell me if it's correct to use Present Perfect in the third sentence? I'm sorry again. Thanks.
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In speaking, in this case, the rules still holds.
Also, reshuffling the sentences we still have to use it in that way, so even we begin with the sentence (A) as being the first one we can´t say "I am have choosing to use"
In Portuguese we say "eu estou escolhendo/eu estou amando algo ou alguém", in English we say "I love him/I love it", AND "I have chosen to use."
Unless it´s in marketing (for emphasis and shocking purposes) as in MacDonald´s "I am loving it" campaign. One could even say such, but wouldn´t be standard English.