Como chamamos Teste drive, só que para motos?

SAbemos que existe o test drive para carros. Mas e para motos seria o que?
Test ride? Existe isso e eles usam chamar assim?

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Redseahorse 3 28 434
Test Drive ou Test-Drive é amplamente utilizado para referir aos testes de dirigibilidade, conforto e desempenho, de qualquer veículo automotor - de aviões a motos, e não apenas isto, é usual também os test-drive de softwares e games. Qto a Test-Ride para motos, também pode ser usado, mas talvez seja menos comum!
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
Actually, a "test ride" curiously is more used to motorbikes and mops (OR bicycles). In such cases, the dealers might ask you to sign some kind of contract of insurance (or some form of collateral - i.e. Cash, etc) should you nick the bike or try to do something dodgy...
To motorbike a 10-minute ride and to bycicles a 15-minute ride is expected (when the dealer is okay with test rides, some -or many shun the practice).

Anyway, the very test is less usual than with cars.
'Test drive', simply 'road-test wise' could be used also with (motor) bikes
(certainly nobody's going to sue you) but I think the first thing that could spring to their minds would be the test of a product (think of magazines that do road tests only to inform the readers, the car or other product 'borrowed' by shops or dealers).
With bikes it's more common 'test rides', in the sense of 'experimental test before buying'. I mean, it's a bit of dealership jargon of theirs (and motorbike/cyclists aficionados) but perhaps the general public may use them interchangeably sometimes.