Como dizer "Até onde eu me lembro" em inglês

Off the top of my head

The autopsy on Monteith has not yet been released but if drugs did play a part in his death – and that is not unthinkable, as he had struggled with substance abuse since his teens and recently left rehab for the second time – this would place him in a tragically popular pantheon. Off the top of my head, four teen icons have died from substance abuse in the past five years: Brad Renfro, Heath Ledger, Corey Haim, Brittany Murphy and one can include Amy Winehouse in there, too, already calcified into the status of a legend. The Guardian

Faça um teste e descubra como está seus conhecimentos de vocabulário de inglês em 5 minutos! Este teste foi desenvolvido por professores experientes. O resultado sai na hora e com gabarito. INICIAR TESTE
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To the best of my knowledge
If my memory serves me (correctly)
Without looking it up (Without consulting the records)
Nesta aula, a professora Camila Oliveira ensina vários macetes para você nunca mais se confundir na hora de dizer as horas em inglês. ACESSAR AULA
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O literal não funciona? As far as I remember
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Funciona sim, Flá!

As far as I can remember... =)