Como dizer "Comigo ninguém pode (planta)" em inglês

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Dumb cane

Dieffenbachia picta Schott (Araceae), known in Brazil as comigo-ninguém-pode (no one beats me).

Poisonous plant - Sap from the dumb cane plant that gets into a human mouth will make the tongue swell, causing speechlessness in adults and sometimes killing children.
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In some English countries is known as mother-in-law plant, and dumb cane (caña muda).

Noted for its patterned leaves, it´s has needled-shaped toxic crystals of calcium oxalate (aka raphydes), when chewed.
It poison adults to the point of provoking in them temporary loss of speech, and death to children and small animals.
It´s a household plant, because of its beautiful foliage, but dangerous to animals and kids, mainly. ... eguine.htm

While at it, there is also the "espada-de-São-Jorge" (snake plant/mother-in-law plant/mother-in-law tongue/mother-in-law nose/Saint George´s sword).

Same recommendations and comments about its toxicity.