Como dizer "Cômodos compartilhados ou integrados" em inglês

Svetlova 85 1
Que nomes damos aos cômodos integrados ou compartilhados em uma casa?
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PPAULO 54840 6 43 983
An addition/annex? (puxadinho)

And "compartilhados" reminded me of "shared accomadations/rooms" but then its a broad definition, two siblings could live in a shared room (not each with a room).

As for "integrada" maybe, for instance "a house with connected room".

I tried to cover all bases, but then, there´s always room to improvement. Pun intended! :-)

Svetlova 85 1
Eu poderia usar tbm " Combined room ( Combined kitchen-bedroom ), ou integrated rooms ou até mesmo Living Room and kitchen Combo." Ou seria muito no Português?

PPAULO 54840 6 43 983
There are several possible layouts, so it could be a combination (or combo) kitchen and bedroom (studio apartments/flats usually have a dining and living room combination, that is, living-dining rooms combo).
It could also be a kitchen area, a recessed kitchen nook in the said studio flat, etc. But not being into the area of interior design my answer my answer to this question is a limited one. :-)
My experience with studio flat, was that I lived in a cramped one and it had a built-in kitchen (fitted within the wardrobe)! Long ago.