Como dizer "cor gelo; cor areia'' em inglês

Hey! How do I say "cor gelo" and "cor areia" in English? Is there a term to that?

"O sofá, o tapete e a mesa de centro têm uma cor gelo. A estante, localizada ao fundo, e a cortina têm cor areia. A harmonia entre essas cores dá à peça não só claridade, mas também elegância."

Thank you!

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Hmm, it´s a bit of a tricky question. Because not everyone agrees when it comes to colours, the automakers name colour in a whim, then the industry of fridgies, then the guys that are into painting colours...

Anyway, I guess you could name your colour as some of shades of white of the following, could well be white ice (for "branco gelo"), but there is a wide wide range of whites in the colour pallete.
But then, brighty white? Off-white? We can´t possibly know what shade of white you wish. ... r-families

As for "areia" it´s another hard problem to crack without context, it could be several kinds of it. Areia do deserto? (desert sand), areia praia? (beach sand).
Use control+F and see how many "sands" in the following scheme of colours...

Of course, you could use a workaround to bypass that by saying "the sofa and the rug, along with the center table match the sand colour (scheme) of the curtains." (so, a generic way of referring to "areia" shade withouth specifically saying which one.)

Curtains these days, can be of a dark (and hot colour), perhaps your sand could be even "brick red" or even "maroon" curtains? well, my guesswork! Just guesswork...
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Good that Juliana let me know that it was snowfall white she wanted to know.
Some more hues of white. ... ite-paint/