Como dizer "criar/perder o hábito" em inglês

Jerry Dorien 4 46
to get into the habit of doing something (criar o hábito de fazer algo)
to get out of the habit of doing something (perder o hábito de fazer algo)
he got into the habit of itching her nose (ele criou um hábito de coçar o nariz)

all the best

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Thomas 7 60 290

to acquire a habit
He acquired the habit of smoking a pipe after dinner.

to break a habit
She broke the habit of lending money to her irresponsible brother.
Jerry Dorien 4 46
thanks Thomas,

your suggestions sound more natural.

all the best
Thomas 7 60 290
Negative! Yours are great. There are usually several ways to say something. You say it one way, and that reminds me of another way. It doesn't mean that yours are bad and mine are better. They are just different. My posts supplement yours, they do not replace them.

You can also say "to fall into the habit" and "to fall out of the habit". See? Just writing about habits made me think of another way.

In Colombia, I fell into the habit of having breakfast at a certain bakery on the Calle Sexta.
She used to go to a lot of concerts, but she fell out of the habit.