Como dizer "Cumbuca" em inglês

Como se chama a cumbuca em inglês?
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1. A pot Brazilian indians and caboclos make with the peel of the bottle gourd.

2. A trap using a bottle gourd to catch monkeys. Monkey hunters drill a hole on the top of the bottle gourd into which they put an enticing morsel (bait) monkeys love. As monkeys insert their hands in the bottle gourd, which the monkey hunters previously firmly fixed to a tree branch, and grab the morsel, they instinctively close their hands into fists. This keeps them from successfully taking their hands out. The poor little creatures scream or become agitated in sheer despair as they notice the hunters closing in on them.

Old experienced monkeys will not insert their hands in such bottle gourds. Maybe because they may have watched young monkeys do it with dire consequences.

Native English speakers also know it by the Brazilian names cabaça or cuia.