Como dizer "dar entrada nos papéis" em inglês

Besides the verbs start or submit that are used in that kind of sentence, is there another verb, an idiom or a most common way to say dar entrada nos papéis?

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Daniel.S 1 2 7
Hi there!


to check in documents?

My 2 cents:

send in paperwork

Example: Citi, too, is having trouble with the documents. Often, borrowers send in paperwork that is not complete or has errors, Das said.

( Excerpt from article Obama to push banks on mortgages at ... ouncement/ )

This article contains many of the expressions you're looking for, such as submit paperwork

Hopefully many other suggestions will be coming up soon :)

Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

'Submit [your, the, etc] papers' me parece ser uma opção comum.

Boa sorte!
Thanks, guys.
Thomas 7 60 290
to turn in your documents/paperwork