Como dizer "É Débito ou Crédito?" em inglês

Como dizer "É Débito ou Crédito?" em inglês
Como perguntar para o cliente em inglês se ele deseja pagar no débito ou no crédito?

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(Are you going to pay by) credit or debit?
>> Você vai pagar em crédito ou débito?

(Are you going to pay with a) credit or debit card?
>> Você vai pagar com um cartão de crédito ou débito?

(Are you going to pay (in)) cash or charge?
>> Você vai pagar com dinheiro ou cartão?

There seems to be an entire family of expressions involving pay + [form of money] that permit English speakers to use either pay [form of money] or pay in [form of money].

To pay cash = to pay in cash.
To pay hard currency = to pay in hard currency;
To pay dollars = to pay in dollars;
To pay ready money = to pay in ready money;
To pay silver = pay in silver.

The dual acceptability seems to break down in situations where English speakers would normally use by in place of in:

To pay by check /cheque;
to pay check/cheque.

To pay by credit card;
to pay credit card

The first set of phrases remain idiomatically acceptable (in U.S. English, anyway) when you substitute in for with:

To pay with cash;
To pay with hard currency;
To pay with dollars;
To pay with ready money;
To pay with silver.

In contrast, substituting with for in in the second group works only if you add an indefinite article after with:

To pay with a check/cheque;
To pay with a credit card.

I believe the underlying distinction at work here may be the difference between form of payment (cash, hard currency, dollars, etc.) and mode of transfer (check/cheque, credit card).

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