Como dizer "Educação Laboral" em inglês

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Hi, folks!

I'd like to know how to say "Educação Laboral" in English.

Can I say Labour Education? I call it in question.

Thanks in advance
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1 resposta

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Labour education or work education, it´s related to getting people educated in
labour-related issues/matters.

There is another type of education, perhaps it´s worth informing here.
It´s "vocational or technical education/training'', which is provided by "career schools" with the purpose of educating and preparing youth and adults for careers. Some have partnership or funding by industry companies.
In Brazil I would say we could say "industrial education/technical education" to refer to SENAI institute/schools. And to others could be vocational studies (when isn´t industry-related).
Let´s wait to know what others think about it. ... ted_States