Como dizer "em troca / de troco" em inglês

Please consider this text also and let me know the meaning of "em troca & de troco"

Compra o clarão de sonho da alma do infante.
Compra, e a vida, de troco,
Em troca,
Dar-te-á a essência das vidas de tua vida.

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PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
You buy the glare of the dream of the infant´s soul.
And life, in exchange for it..
In return,
It will give you/it will provide you with the essences of the lives of/in your life.

Well, the author might have taken some poetic licence with "vidas de tua vida", I decided for conjuring the imagery of - say - someone that might have different pathways in his life, and consider those experiences as "new lives".
Other way, not the case here, is that of someone that lives two lives, that is he/she lives a life in conflict with the "apparent" live one can see at first, or have to keep some sort of secret, etc.

But generally "lives" is used to talk about the lives of more than one individual, taken separarately.
The expression can refer to a group (collectively), but at the same time mentioning their experiences separate as separate events.

As in: Let my ears hear the divine word proclaimed in the memory of your church, and let this memory take flesh again in the lives of your lives.
It may be told to a group, anyone can think of a common experience here, but at the same time it´s about a separate event. Not a life is equal to somebody´s life, strictly speaking.
Anyway, the current case is about poetry and by way of imagery it can be possible.

Sorry for my forays in poetry, I am more into prose, but sometimes there are some exceptions to the rule! Anyway, it is a loose translation, just for learning´s sake.