Como dizer "Empurrar uma bicicleta" em inglês

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Todo dia um casalzinho passa na frente da minha casa, ela indo pra escola e ele acompanhando-a empurrando uma bicicleta. Então:
Push a bicycle
- Cyclists find it very difficult to push a bike.
- Where he cannot ride his bicycle, he can usually push it.
- Briggs headed toward the pier around midnight, pushing a bicycle with a young man at her side.

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Some US State laws require that cyclists unmount from and push (or walk) their bicycles across crosswalks[1] and intersections. Cyclists who fail to do so unfailingly get a ticket. Most cyclists in Brazil, however, do not seem to observe traffic lights or road safety signs (in the same manner cyclists do in the US) and they more often than not dart across busy crosswalks, pedestrians almost always having to swerve to avoid getting hit, and dangerously or perhaps illegaly swerve in and out of uninterrupted highspeed lanes. As a result, you can imagine how many of them die each year.

Our transit authorites have for some time tried to regulate cycling by State and law enforcement, but apparently they did not meet their deserved success. Drivers, on the other hand, have had to respect cyclists and their oft-erractic right of way even when cyclists ignore stop signs and red lights.

A considerable larger part of the population do not see Brazil as a "bicycle country" as a considerable larger part of the Netherlands see theirs. As time and conditions allow and as a prudent, safety-first mentality sinks in, Brazilian cyclists will finally cycle toward the dreams they have left so very far behind.

[1] Pedestrian crossings (UK)
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