Como dizer "Está se achando" em inglês

Esta expressão é muito utilizada no português, acho que no inglês é usado como " showing up ". Você está se achando = you are showing up yourself, mas não tenho certeza Poderiam me ajudar ?
Ela é se achona, ela se acha muito.
Ele só se acha, aff.

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He thinks he is all that and a bag of chips.
He thinks he all that.
He thinks he is hot stuff.
He think he is hot sh*t.
He think his sh*t does not stink.
He thinks he is God's gift to women (the company, the world, etc.)
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Not "showing up", you should say "he is a show off/you are a show off". If you want it more emphatical: "you are such a show-off !" ... h/show-off
Avatar do usuário alexandre.santos 1585 1 4 33
What about?

"what makes you think you're that special?"

"You're thinking yourself's somebody"

I'm not sure about this last one..

See you!
Avatar do usuário Donay Mendonça 52245 21 84 1223
Existem respostas para esta pergunta no post a seguir.

Bons estudos.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41515 6 32 729
And there are the following related expressions, close in meaning to that one:

The success/power went to his/her head.

The success/power has gone to his/her head.

She/he became full of her/himself (and let her fame get to her head...etc)
[i.e. success somehow made her become conceited.]

Claro, se ele/ela estiver "se achando'' por causa do sucesso/fama/poder/dinheiro que tem!
Outra sugestão:

To be full of one's self:

"Your're so full of yourself" - Você se acha!
wow, how many expressions for this one hehehehehe, thank for all of you folks. You guys are the best.
Avatar do usuário jlmmelo 2415 8 66
To be be full of oneself = put on airs (pretencioso, achar-se especial ou melhor do que os outros, o bom, o melhor, o tal, etc.)


    1. When most Americans have company, they put on airs, and so should you..

    2. I've always tried to tell the kids, to be true to themselves and don't put on airs.

    3. At least she doesn't put on airs just because she is a politician.

    4. For people who think he's a little too full of himself, his walk is further evidence.
- - -
Definition of put on airs
: to act in a way that shows one thinks one is better than other people
Some of her old friends have accused her of putting on airs since she became wealthy.

- - -

full of oneself
    Very self-satisfied and with an exaggerated sense of self-worth.
    - ´he'd always been very full of himself´
    - ‘You're so full of yourself and your own ideas there's no room for me to teach you anything.
    - ‘I watched the jerk swagger away, full of himself.

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